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The Only Smart Workout Gear You Need

The Wearable Gym is the world’s first smart workout gear to incorporate a full gym workout, without ever switching gears. Created by a team of personal trainers, athletes, and military veterans, this gear will have you reaching your goals anywhere, anytime.

The Futuristic Portable Gym developed by Professional Trainers and tech experts. Hyfit's Wearable Gym integrates with a fitness tracker for a new way to train in and out of the gym.

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Finally See Results

Smart Training

Optimize performance, increase strength and flexibility, and lose weight with 250+ workouts and customizable plans. Plug your fitness goals into our iOS and Android apps for custom workouts targeted to specific areas of your body.

Real-Time Stats

Glance at the smart wrist display or phone app to see your heart rate, calories burned, reps completed, resistance strength, and more. Don’t like working out with a phone? Upload your stats from the smart gear to the app afterwards via Bluetooth 8.

Customizable Workouts

Train in and out of the gym with the most innovative and durable resistance straps in the world. Made to fit all skill levels, we designed patent pending Resistance Adjusters, giving you the perfect training experience with a simple slide. Anchor the resistance straps to any foreign object for even more workout options.


All the Benefits of a Gym

Without Being Tied Down

Sensors are embedded into the wrist straps to track metrics of each workout.

The Wearable Gym is a high-tech portable gym designed to give you the most simple and effective workout through a combination of durable resistance bands and smart workout gear packed with sensors.


No Membership Fees, No Bulky Gear


Whether your a beginner looking for the motivation to get started or a pro looking to take your performance to the next level, our iOS and Android apps will push you towards YOUR goals.

  • Goal setting and individual stats inputs
  • 250+ workouts, education for new users, and HIIT training videos
  • Weekly overviews with smart coaching plans
  • Recommended daily workouts targeting specific areas of your body
  • Workout history, progress tracking, accomplishment badges
  • Share workout stats and connect with your friends or personal trainer

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The highlight here is that if you use resistance bands, you probably have several. With the Hyfit, you only need one

Hyfit's mission is to become the future of how people incorporate fitness into their everyday lives


Take Your Gym with You

The complete Wearable Gym system includes:

  • High-end resistance bands
  • Smart wrist display and heart rate monitor
  • Resistance adjusters
  • Door and foreign object anchor for additional workouts
  • Wireless charging dock
  • iOS and Android apps


The Wearable Gym X is a unique, camouflage Wearable Gym set created in honor of all those who have served in the military. While anyone can use this the X version, the idea behind it was to allow military men and women to train and track their workouts wherever they go on daily-operations.

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